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        Great Luck for Kaigong! Let's Move Forward on a Ne

        Release Date:2023-08-12    Clicks:342

        People are diligent, and spring comes early

        Striving at the Right Time

        At the beginning of the new year

        Jiajiafu Building Materials

        Anchor target

        In a state of working day by day

        A spirited attitude of struggle

        Opening a new chapter in the Chinese New Year

        Let's embark on a new journey together towards the future, with Tiger Power embarking on a new journey and expanding our horizons. I believe that through the hard work and hard work of all wealthy families in 2022, we can not only provide customers with high-quality products and services, but also achieve our development goals. We can also achieve personal growth and add weight to a happy life.

        Tiger leaps majestically to climb the peak, and the four seas welcome a prosperous start together. In 2022, every family of wealthy building materials carries beautiful blessings, wishing everyone: the Year of the Tiger has abundant financial resources and the Tiger is thriving! New Year's new atmosphere, based on a new starting point, embarking on a new journey, and achieving new heights in performance! Wishing all family members and customers a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger!

        Good luck starting construction in 2022! Full of vitality, keep moving forward!

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